On October 10th 2018, EUTECC together with Ernst & Young hosted a high-level forum in the heritage Tucher Castle in Nuremberg. Wolfgang Hirn, a highly respected German journalist in the field of Eurasian Economy, gave a spectacular speech to all the participants, calling upon them to focus on the fast growth sectors in China, particularly in the AI area. The forum was held at the Tucher Castle, in the heart of Nuremberg. Through this exclusive forum organized by the collaboration of EUTECC and Ernst & Young, more than 20 European technology leaders were benefited significantly, having a profound understanding that the EUTECC’s tool box can help European hi-tech companies developing their business under the Made-in-China Initiative consistently, successfully and sustainably.

Tucher Castle

Ellen Blätterlein, Partner at the EY Nuremberg, honorary guest of the event gave an opening key note speech on Ernst & Young’s tradition in providing long term support and consultation to family business on their expansion in international emerging markets. Mr. Florian von Tucher then gave a speech on unique opportunities and potential challenges in the Chinese market today. Furthermore, Mr. vonTucher introduced EUTECC and its tool box, and elaborate on how they can help European family owned companies and hi-tech enterprises entering into those emerging markets and successfully developed.

Ellen Blätterlein is giving speech

Florian von Tucher is giving speech

Highlight of the event was a panel discussion hosted by Wolfgang Glauner, Director of Family Business Markets for Austria, Germany & Switzerland at EY. Two German enterprises, Büchel GmbH & Co.and ROWE Mineralölwerk GmbH, shared their experiences and insights on their 20+ years in the Chinese market, along with challenges as well as successful developments. Mr. Florian von Tucher and Wolfgng Him also joined them to answer questions from the participants on problems and difficulties faced.

Panel discussion hosted by Wolfgang Glauner

The participants received an overview and outlook on the current economy and methods of  successful entry into the Chinese market, especially for medium-sized family owned companies. Moreover, the participants got a deeper insight on how EUTECC’s toolbox supporting European high-tech companies in expanding their operations in a successful and sustainable manner.