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Introducing our Board Members: Pascal Morgan

Pascal Morgan Board Member Academy Commission

We take great pleasure in introducing to you all one of the key players of European Technology Chamber – Pascal Morgan who is a Board Member and the Chairman of Academy Commission of EUTEC.

As a technology pioneer, a creative thinker, a passionate speaker and a cross-industry digital transformation advisor, Pascal has a 27-year career in IT, Technology, Media, and Innovation as an Executive and strategist for Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders. He believed that we are in the middle of an all-encompassing and accelerating transformation and with that comes a great responsibility on how we shape our future.

He is now the founder of think.speak.transform. which focuses on connecting, advising, researching, and internationally speaking on transformation, disruptive technologies, new business models as well as ethical challenges for a sustainable future. He is the co-founder of the company builder United Peers, and is a senior mentor at Germantech for advising corporate intrapreneurship programs.

As a Board Member of European Technology Chamber and the Chairman of EUTEC Academy Commission, Pascal Morgan is committed to help build a community of researchers, institutes, and companies for mutual knowledge exchange.