EUTEC would like to introduce you all one of the #key players— Stefan Stempian who is the Board Member of European Technology Chamber and Chair of EUTEC Forum Commission.

Stefan Stempian is an international experienced, tech driven Serial Founder, Company Builder, Entrepreneur and Advisory Board Member in the Software and IT Environment.

Within his more than 15 years of demonstrated experience he and his company Innovision Consulting & Ventures help to prepare Small and Midsized Organizations on a national and international level for their Digital Business Transformation Challenges. Stefan also participates in innovative Tech Startups and acts as an active advisor and enabler throughout his tech network.

Strong professional background with a MBA focused in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Stockholm University, Stefan’s passion is to connect, bridge and enable classical Business Organizations to develop an Agile Mindset for sustainable, innovative business models.

Stefan is now a Board Member of the European Technology Chamber and holds a chair position within the Forum Commission. He is committed to connecting the key forces of the technological world and facilitating a dialogue to share the knowledge and stress the value of responsible technology.