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Introducing our Board Member: Conchi Aranguren

We are delighted to introduce to you all our EUTEC Latin American Chapter Board Member – Conchi Aranguren.

Conchi started her professional career in 1994, at AMT-Spanish Association of accessories, component parts and tools for Machine-Tools, becoming the Managing-Director in 1997 and in charge of Internationalization part of the new AFM-AMT Advanced Manufacturing Association in 2011. Throughout these years Conchi has been focusing on promoting and supporting the Spanish companies in their internationalization processes and representing them in international organisms.

2013-2018 Conchi worked for FRESMAK as Sales Marketing Manager, fostering the growth of the international and domestic market. September 2018 Conchi Aranguren founded NEBEN Consulting, with the mission of assisting clients throughout their internationalization process, taking part and being involved in every aspect and sharing the know-how acquired during all these years.

As a board member of the EUTEC Latin American Chapter, Conchi is committed to connecting European corporations and Latin-American markets, establishing long term relationships. She will be also promoting the EUTEC in Spain and Portugal.