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Small businesses make up more than 95% of all businesses worldwide and provide an incalculable contribution to the global economy.

They are important engines of innovation, growth, job creation, and social cohesion, and are therefore key economic actors in the effort toward climate-change mitigation and sustainable development.  

Give priority to sustainable processes to ensure efficient use of energy, reduce water use, foster appropriate use of forest inputs, and encourage the production of reduced, sustainable packaging.

In current days, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they consume, and starting to evaluate businesses not only by their financial indicators, but also by their values. The time has come for all businesses, in all industrial sectors, to take into account environmental concerns in order to succeed.

EUTEC supports the sustainable development of SMEs by building the bridge for business connections, market expansion and matching-making dialogue. COVID-19 has left many small businesses vulnerable and in need of greater support. EUTEC hopes to make our efforts in helping SMEs to recover better and become more resilient, inclusive and sustainable.

Source: UN and WIPO Green

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