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Introducing our Board Member: Axel Holle

EUTEC is delighted to introduce to you all our EUTEC German Chapter Board Member – Axel Holle.

Axel is an entrepreneurial mind with over 30 years of experience in technology consulting and venturing. With a proven track record of successfully transforming and profitably taking businesses into the digital age, Axel has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to reinvent organizations in different C-level roles.

During the last years he is developing a new ecosystem for urban technology development, diffused for social wellbeing in neighborhood communities – sustainably employed.

Now, as the Managing Director of LD7, he is working as a driver for innovation, both for business start-ups and established large businesses. He strives for well-intended efficiency so that corporations stay relevant in their market.

As a board member of the German Chapter of EUTEC, Axel is committed to promote EUTEC Chamber by supporting European corporations to access new business opportunities and help building a community of trailblazers who utilize technology for the greater good.