3000 Followers Celebration

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EUTEC Chamber community is growing fast. Over 3000 followers are now here with us on linked-in witnessing our journey to realize the mission #UNSDG Goals. We would like to extend sincere gratitude to all of you who are supporting us along the way.

Technology is the biggest force of change in the world. It has revolutionized our world and our daily lives and is progressing at lightning speed all around us, from intelligent robots and self-driving cars to gene editing and 3D printing.

As a registered non-profit organization, EUTEC Chamber deeply believes that “With great technology comes great responsibility”. Technology is a human endeavor. With increasing sense of responsibility together with the development of technology, we can then create a better and sustainable world for all.

We will always stay true to our vision #TechnologyObliges and thank you all for the trust.

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