Afforestation & Agroforestry

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The “Green Wall” is an ambitious, African-led movement, with the intention to plant trees in a green ribbon across the 8000 kilometers long Sahel zone, one of the largest regions in Africa. It is intended to restore degraded landscapes. Through its implementation, the “Green Wall” will also help to reach the UN SDG’s, jobs for the local population will be created and food security will be enhanced.

While deserts are spreading and rainforests are on fire, this visionary project plans the renaturation of one of the largest and driest regions in the world. Launched in 2007, around 15 percent of the planned “Green Wall” have been implemented. Significant financial support from governments and private partners around the world is required.

Thus, the European Technology Chamber will be offering a helping hand to the local forest authorities and with its vision “Technology Obliges” supports the effort through European Technology. Together we can reach the goal and by 2030, restore 100 million hectares of land currently deemed unusable, bind 250 million tons of carbon dioxide and create 10 million jobs in rural areas.

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