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Roboauto is a robotics pioneer with a unique technology for vehicle remote control. They developed a technology for full-fledged vehicle and machine remote operation known as teleoperation.

Their teleoperation technology enables the vehicles to be driven remotely and brings several benefits to the customers. The machine operation becomes more efficient, saves costs and increases staff health and safety. Their teleoperation has endless possibilities and finds its way into various industries such as Agriculture, Automotive, Construction Machinery, Logistics, Mining and Rail. Further on, their tele-operated machines are widely used by firefighters, law-enforcing units, military, rescuers and other professions where people put themselves at risk.

Their teleop has various use-cases and can be used also for training. By sitting in a virtual cockpit and having the real-feel contact with the vehicle, the industry professionals can train and control the non-professionals remotely from another city, country or even another continent. Farmers renting agricultural vehicles for harvesting can rent them together with the tele-drivers. Autonomous airport shuttle buses driven by a tele-driver can in case of emergency, carry travelers to a safe place.

By bridging the gap between conventional machines and robots, Roboauto makes it possible for the provider to get the maximum out of the technology today, reduce or eliminate waiting and travel time, operate multiple machines simultaneously and allow staff to work in a safe and comfortable environment.

With Roboauto, you can drive anything from anywhere; keeping abreast of the time and shift to the future. 

Watch the Tec Flash here!

For more info, please visit www.roboauto.tech

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