We would like to welcome Roboauto as a new EU Tech advocate

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Roboauto fired up its engine and started the journey back in 2007 as a robotics project of a software house ARTIN (acronym for ARTificial INtelligence). Later on, the Roboauto project spined-off and created a stand-alone company as known today. Since then, Roboauto has been continuously developing the technology for autonomous vehicles by integrating robotic self-operating capabilities & remote operation.

The Robotics & Teleoperation Fusion is a technology enabling the vehicles to operate autonomously with a remote operation back-up. The fusion technology brings a number of benefits to the customers by making the machine operation more efficient, cutting costs, improving staff health & safety and bridging the gap between the traditional machine and the robot. The fusion has endless possibilities and finds its way into various industries such as Agriculture, Automotive, Construction Machinery, Logistics, Mining and Rail.

Further on, the remotely monitored / operated machines can be widely used by firefighters, law-enforcing units, military, rescuers and other professions where people put themselves at risk.

The teleop option has various use-cases and can be used also for training. By sitting in a virtual cockpit and having the real-feel contact with the vehicle, the industry professionals can be training the trainees on the vehicle operation remotely from another city, country and/or continent. The farmers renting the agricultural vehicles for harvesting can rent them together with the tele-drivers. The autonomous shuttle buses carrying travelers at the airports can be driven by a tele-driver to a safe place in case of emergency.

By bridging the gap between the conventional machine and the robot, Roboauto gives you the opportunity to have your product tomorrow and not 5-10 years in the future. Roboauto makes it possible for the machine manufacturers and/or for the customers to get the maximum out of the technology today.

With Roboauto, you stay ahead and shift to the future. With Roboauto, you can Drive Anything From Anywhere.

For more, please visit: www.roboauto.tech 


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