We would like to welcome Gigwork as a new EU Tech advocate

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GigWork has reimagined temporary work in order to reduce the costs of temporary work for companies and to enable skilled workers to work more self-determined. GigWork wants to get more people into employment.

Via an on-demand platform, GigWork connects companies that require temporary staff with specialists who are looking for flexible positions. The platform works similarly to Airbnb, except that GigWork does not provide temporary accommodation for rent, but temporary employees for employment. In contrast to temporary work, the skilled workers are not employed by a temporary employment agency, but directly in the company they work for.

GigWork does not take any commissions. The companies pay GigWork a flat rate for the use of the cloud platform and, if necessary, a higher wage to the specialists as compensation for their flexibility. Employment via GigWork enables skilled workers in particular more self-determined work and work-life balance.

In addition, GigWork offers its customers services in online marketing and consulting at senior level for the optimization of their recruiting process and in order to optimally integrate GigWork into their business processes, their co-determination rights of the works council and their corporate communication.

In Germany, more than 40 large healthcare companies have already chosen GigWork. The next step is to scale into other industries and the EU.

At the same time, GigWork will transfer employees from corona crisis sectors to systemically relevant sectors.

GigWork is loacted in Bonn, Germany, established in 2016.

Further information can be found at: https://www.gigwork.de/


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