We would like to welcome AD REM as a new EU Tech advocate

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AD REM is a technology leader in recycling equipment for end-of-life vehicles and electronics. Their technological innovation helps the world to recover more resources.

Our world is a beautiful place. It’s where we work, play and dream, but what about our children? Will they still be able to enjoy our planet the way we are used to? Every year millions of tons of waste ends up in landfill, damaging the environment.

AD REM tackles that challenge. They are leading the way to ensure we leave a legacy for future generations. They specialize in research, design, engineering and construction of equipment for recycling, mineral and food processing industries, and make it possible to separate and recycle waste from cars, electronics and household appliances.

Since 2008, they have developed and optimized new ways of separating diverse waste streams and materials and achieved nearly 100% separation efficiency via their state-of-the-art flotation processes.

They integrated the expertise of Galloo, Belgium’s largest recycler, and the knowhow of Valtech, an engineering and construction specialist closely connected to the recycling industry. AD REM engineered a range of patented separation processes around one single goal: maximum waste recovery.

AD REM machinery prevents millions of tons of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere every year and is safeguarding the future.

For more info, please visit: www.adrecyclingmachines.com

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