The EU Tech Chamber is delighted to welcome our newly onboard adocate – Ch.Batsch Verfahrenstechnik GmbH.

Ch.Batsch Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of distillation equipment in second generation. Experiences of more than 35 years in vacuum technology, vacuum distillation, solvent recycling and solvent degreasing, Ch.Batsch Verfahrenstechnik has a young team of engineers and highly skilled colleagues.

Long lasting and reliable solutions is what Ch.Batsch Verfahrenstechnik aims at. The extraordinary concept of offering the customers distillation units in a license mode enables every solvent using company to participate in the recycling process without investing any money in equipment. Companies can right away contribute to saving CO2, reduce administrative effort regarding acquisition of fresh solvent and disposing spent solvent, and not least save a lot of expenses.

Ch.Batsch Verfahrenstechnik is keen to face new challenges and are not limited to a minimum or maximum volume of solvent. They will always find a solution. 

For further information visit here the companys website.