The EU Tech Chamber Africa Chapter addresses the very important continents´s transformation on two levels:

Firstly, everyone should be empowered by having access to clean energy services, ICT & necessary business enabling infrastructures. Secondly, to support the local business and private sector in its keen ambition to become the global powerhouse, the EU industry – with the Green Deal – offers its support for Africa´s Agenda 2063. In this way, the key drivers for achieving higher rates of economic development and better terms of trade will be the integration of digital solutions as well as of high-value manufacturing & processing technologies.

We are a platform for community engagement to foster innovation with the support of digital know-how in order to provide well-tailored clean & resource-efficient technologies and services to customers by the following:

  • offering the opportunity for professional exchange on the forefront of technology developments;

  • establishing win-win partnerships between European technologies and African rising industries;

  • and by assisting clean energy technology providers with B2B, B2F and B2G support.

Please check out the EU Tech Africa Chapter here  to see what we do to make a difference!