13 April – EU Tech Chamber German Chapter Digital Panel – Topic: Challenges & Opportunities in the German Industry – Innovation vs. Patents

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The EU Tech Chamber is delighted to invite you to our next EU Tech German Chapter Digital Event on April 13th at 9:00 am CET on the topic “Challenges & Opportunities in the German Industry – Innovation vs. Patents“.

The Corona crisis has radically changed the competitive environment in many industries. Markets and supplier relationships have collapsed within a very short time and have to be rebuilt. In these times of dynamic market and competitive changes, a high degree of agility and flexibility is demanded of all companies.

This development does not stop at patent departments. They are now faced with the task of securing new markets under the highest cost pressure. And this in the face of increasingly fierce competition. Agility, i.e. an agile patent strategy, is the solution here as well as in all other business areas. Patent activities must be configurable and implementable quickly and precisely. Only in this way can they offer maximum probability of success at low cost. Patent protection and the associated incentive to innovate is a very important factor in any research- and innovation-friendly environment.

This webinar is about a visionary outlook into a new road to protecting innovations. For a high level of competitiveness, patent protection is adapted to today’s agile business processes enabled by advanced digital tools. 

Traditionally, the process of protecting innovation has been slow, focussed on manual labour and detached from inventors and business strategy alike. Agile processes require integration of business strategy into patents and patents into business strategy. This can only be achieved by re-joining  technical innovators, patent specialists and business use cases. The PatentEngine is a software tool developed specifically to make available valuable know-how during every step of the patent process, from the conception of an idea to the grant of a patent, while at the same time speeding up the process.

Register now and join an interesting and important discussion:

DATE               Tuesday, April 13
, 2021

TIME                09:00 a.m.  – 10.30 am CET 

LOCATION     Zoom Webinar

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