We would like to welcome “Briefery” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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Digital Transformation with Briefery

What if you could have full communication transparency across the factory, connecting human, machinery and software processes?

What if you could Identify, solve, and analyze daily activities and disruptions by seeing the full picture, in real time?

Briefery developed a Digital transformation and on-going Analytics solution turning the entire organization’s workflows (assignment of tasks, escalation, communication, etc.), in the plant, transparent and visible to the operations to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Operating from Israel with partners across Europe, Briefery enables easy and scalable migration to Industry 4.0 to increase efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

Briefery’s mobile-first, no-code solution, is fast to adapt and deploy. Practically, you can digitize your workflows and collect data within hours and have insight instantly. Its insight analytics enables monitoring of the OEE/OLE (overall equipment effectiveness) over time and drill down to identify root cause.

For more details, please visitwww.briefery.com

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