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22 April – EU Tech Chamber China Chapter – After Event

EU Tech Chamber‘s China Chapter Panel on the topic “Cultural Business Differences between Europe and China” was more than successful with over 150 participants!

Within today’s session, we dove deep into the Cultural aspects that could determine business success or failure for Europeans doing business in China and vice versa.

Biggest thanks to our four HongHong Xu (Peking-Bridge, decoding CHINA Business Culture), Valérie Hoeks (胡凤丽) (China Inroads), Syrus Lohrasb 罗赛儒 (China-Britain Business Fusion) and Chris Alderson MBE (Eos -Employment Outsourcing Solutions) for your informed insights and reflections into these big and important topics of today’s day and age. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our China Chapter.

Also thanks to Federico Gonzalez de Aledo as Director of our China Chapter for moderation, to Sierra von Tucher as Chair China Chapter for the Welcome Speech and to Florian von TucherEU Tech Chamber (EUTECH)´s Chairman, for the instructive introduction.

Finally, sincere thanks to all our participants!

Stay tuned for our China Chapter Panel on May 27th, topic is IP Protection in China, you can already register: