We would like to welcome “Gateway to China” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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How can you profile yourself as a Western artist on the Chinese internet and be successful while also gathering more fans?

These were some of the questions that led to the founding of our latest Advocate called GTC (Gateway to China) which started as a Dutch-Chinese business collaboration in early 2018.

In practice, GTC literally functions as a gateway for Western artists, management and the organizations surrounding them. It provides them a smooth entrance to the complicated world of the Chinese internet and her many apps that benefit the growth and dissemination of music and PR.

After launching the concept of a cross-cultural platform at Dancefair Conference 2018 Gateway To China steadily started growing her network of partners and clients and currently represents dozens of artists, of which a substantial number of DJ Mag Top 100 listed names.

While adapting to the covid-crisis during 2020 a strong focus was put on developing new business strategies and services to offer apart from Chinese social media marketing. In 2021 GTC came out stronger than ever with an improved team of partners and new forms of business in development that allow artists and management to monetize their presence in China while not being able to travel there yet in order to play shows.

This led to the development of a service that focuses on selling authentic Western merchandise items to Chinese fans and the creation of a Chinese booking app on Wechat, which is aimed at finding suitable artists for Chinese event promoters, clubs and festivals.

In other words, Gateway to China is ready to take the cross-cultural business to the next level and bridging the gap between business and culture from East to West while providing a 24/7 service that benefits clients from California to New Zealand and everything in between!

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