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27 August – EU Tech Chamber Environment Council – Topic: The Future of Fossil Fuels – How Soon Till the are Gone?

Fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) have, and continue to, play a dominant role in global energy systems. Unfortunately, they also come with several negative impacts.

Have become aware of the damage fossil fuels have caused through pollution and climate change, we now know that the sooner we can give up fossil fuels, the better. That’s why we are driving the transition to cleaner technologies such as renewable energy coupled with energy storage, and improved energy efficiency can support a more sustainable energy system with zero carbon emissions.

Join our upcoming Digital Panel of the EU Tech Chamber Environment Council and learn more about our The Future of Fossil Fuels – How Soon Till they are Gone?

DATE               Friday, August, 27, 2021

TIME                09:00 a.m.  – 10.30 am CEST 

LOCATION     EU Tech Virtual Center