22 September – EU Tech Chamber Smart Cities Council – Topic: The Future of Infrastructure in Smart Cities

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Cities are undergoing a dramatic transformation as part of the fourth industrial revolution. They are increasingly using digital technologies to respond to the spread of urbanization and the huge range of challenges related to this trend. Cities can greatly benefit from attractive city districts that shape the lives of people and communities, the success of businesses, and the health of the world around them with the help of smart infrastructure. This will only be made possible by improving a city’s efficiency, and this requires the integration of infrastructure and services. That is the reason why efficient infrastructure is the key for smart cities. In the approach to the Smart Cities future cities also require the development of the right infrastructure for smart solutions to be effectively adopted and used to support the people who use them, and make lives better.

The Smart Cities Council of the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) takes great pleasure to welcome you to its next Digital Event about “The Future of Infrastructure in Smart Cities” on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 starting at 9:00 am CEST. We will discuss this interesting topic, providing different expert visions and perspectives.

DATE               Wednesday, September, 22, 2021

TIME                9:00 – 10.30 am CEST 

LOCATION     EU Tech Virtual Center

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