EU Tech Flash Africa Chapter

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The EU Tech Chamber Africa Chapter addresses the very important continents´s transformation on two levels: Firstly, everyone should be empowered by having access to clean energy services, ICT & necessary business enabling infrastructures. Secondly, to support the local business and private sector in its keen ambition to become the global powerhouse, the EU industry – […]

2 March – EU Tech Chamber Academy Commission – Topic: The Evolving Role of the Buyer in 2021 and beyond

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In today’s Digital Age of deceptive information abundance and in a transforming marketplace, it becomes even more important to stay tuned into the Role of Buyer. The 2020 pandemic served as an accelerant for shifts in the ways B2B buyers engage with sellers. With the market dynamics continuing to evolve, combined with the success that organizations […]

12 March – EU Tech Chamber Advanced Manufacturing Council – Topic: Transition from B2B to B2C in Advanced Manufacturing

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In recent years, many manufacturers have opted to transition from a traditional business-to-business (B2B) model to a business-to-consumer (B2C) model. The B2C model boasts a number of appealing benefits, including: Increased Profits: Companies can get the full manufacturer’s suggest retail price (MSRP) rather than wholesale prices for their products. Faster Time to Market: Rather than […]

9 March – EU Tech Chamber German Chapter – Topic: The Status Quo of Germany in the Energy Transition

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Since the Nuclear Catastrophe in Fukushima in 2011 at the latest, the topic of Energy Transition has been firmly on the Agenda in Germany. Once well-known as the Pioneering Industrial Country, one of Germany’s Climate Actions is to become a Country with a low carbon, environmentally sound, reliable and affordable energy supply. Between 1990 and […]

24 February – EU Tech Chamber Latin America Chapter – After Event

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Our today’s EU Tech Latin American Chapter Digital Panel on the topic “Technological Innovation and Collaborations in the era of Covid 19″ has obtained excellent comments!  We explored how technology and innovation can provide new tools and opportunities for the region to address the current crisis and overcome long-term development challenges through collaborations. Sincere thanks to […]

25 February – EU Tech Chamber China Chapter – Topic: New Energies Business in China

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According to the International Energy Agency, 36% and 40% of the world’s growth in solar and wind energy in the next five years will come from China. As stated in its 14th five-year plan, China will lift investment restrictions on coal, oil, gas, power generations and new energy business as part of its near-term strategy […]

Introducing our Director China Chapter: Federico González de Aledo

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The EU Tech Chamber  takes great pleasure to introduce you all – Federico Gonzalez de Aledo, our Director China Chapter. Federico is a Lawyer, Executive Manager & Strategic Advisor in Business and International Development with a particular focus on Europe and China. Federico holds more than 15 years of demonstrated professional experience on a national and international […]

17 March – EU Tech Chamber Africa Chapter – Topic: Lock-Down in Senegal: Technology & Philantrophy combined for successful Covid-19 Relief

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Combined efforts to help achieve SDG 2 & 3: In March 2020 Senegal became the second Sub-Saharan country to report confirmed covid-19 cases after Nigeria. While the government took immediate action to protect its population, as the lock-down is still on-going it also clear that both, the country´s health sector and its population needed urgent […]