Fish-X Project

The Fish-X Project is a technology and open-source project which aims at making the European Union fishery industry sustainable. It is a 3-year project and has been initiated and funded by the EU Horizon Europe Program.

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Tech Flash Program

The EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) is offering a Tech Flash Program to existing Advocates highlighting the company’s USPs in a video format. The Tech Flash Program is one of a series of Programs exclusively available for EU Tech Chamber Partners.

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Tree Plantation in Mongolia & Africa

EUTECH’s tree planting project supports farmers in addressing poverty, land degradation, and climate change through planting trees. Each tree we plant represents a livelihood for an African family.

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SDG Awards 2022

EUTECH realizes, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 are critical for the progression of humanity, amidst crises of climate change and issues affecting every dimension of life. EUTECH hosts an annual award show, to reward innovative sustainable achievements made by companies. In its second year of existence, the SDG AWARDS 2022 aims to recognize 17 high achievers serving humanity and the planet.

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Investment Forum

The Investment Forum was conceived once we saw a clear need from both EUTECH Advocates and Investors to be connected. In addition, we realized that companies needed guidance and preparation to meet investors. This open event is not only an opportunity for innovative companies and investors to meet but a networking opportunity within our Virtual Center.

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International Delegations Project

International Delegations is a mutual exchange program between Europe and emerging markets in China , Africa, and the Middle East. Through this project, the EU Tech Chamber connects with local governments in cities and provinces to connect business matchmaking for international collaborations and to help expansion of European companies into the international arena to invest in emerging markets.

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EUTECH Center Program

EUTECH Center is a strong base, a business safehouse, and a networking hub from which you can build international ventures. The inspiration of the center comes from the Hanseatic League which set up hubs around Europe for predominantly German merchants and traders to use as bases in the countries where they want to conduct business. They offered a collegiate sanctuary where the merchants could relax, network, and plan. The EUTECH Center is the 21st Century updated version of those hubs but with more sophisticated services and a global vision.

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Visions for Europe is EUTECH’s quarterly published magazine that helps the organization expand on its commitment to a sustainable future through technology. Publication of features interviews, articles, and reports from around the world in the magazine keeps EUTECH’s followers updated with the latest news and upcoming activities. Visions for Europe is part of the rallying cry that needs to be heard and acted upon throughout Europe – and the wider world.

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Climate Action Partnership

The European Technology Chamber together with the Climate Action Alliance, Go.Blue.Now., Prime Computers and United Nations Climate Change works on a rich agenda including pressing climate action ideas and solutions related to effective CO2 reduction, transformation of the energy system, circular economy, credibility in climate action, stakeholder management and green funding.

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Partnership Between EUTECH & EU Senate

Through the strategic and well-placed use of technology, the EU Tech Chamber seeks to achieve better cooperation and integration of the European Senate. European Senate is an honorable council of well-known and respected European figures in the fields of business, politics, science, and technology that advises the government on common good interests in the partnership with the European Technology Chamber (EUTECH).

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