UNSDG Goal 5

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UNSDG Goal 5: Gender Equality Gender bias is undermining our social fabric and devalues all of us. It is not just a human rights issue; it is a tremendous waste of the world’s human potential. By denying women equal rights, we deny half the population a chance to live life to its fullest. Political, economic, […]


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Goodgame Studios is a leading developer and publisher of gaming software, specializing in the free-to-play sector. The Northern German corporation self-publishes its games in-house and has all relevant professions under one roof: Game Development, Quality Assurance, Community Management, and Customer Support to Business Development, Marketing, Analytics, and Central IT services. Its focus is on mobile […]

We would like to welcome “Wittario” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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Under the vision “learning through games and physical activity”, Wittario wanted to change the way we learn. Wittario boldly wanted to change a 1000-year-old proven tradition of reading and listening, by improving it using technology. Its mission is to increase learning for schools and business through gamification and movement. The result is the Wittario platform, […]

We would like to welcome “CR Advisory” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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CR Advisory is a leading advisory firm delivering independent, strategic and financial advice to growth-stage technology companies. For CR Advisory, growth-stage companies are those that have already completed early-stage rounds of funding and are now seeking additional funding from new sources of capital. Its services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients engaging […]

EU Tech Flash Briefery

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Discover how Briefery enables factory operations to get digitized! What if you could have full communication transparency across the factory, connecting human, machinery and software processes? What if you could Identify, solve, and analyze daily activities and disruptions by seeing the full picture, in real time? Briefery is a Digital transformation expert company and develops ongoing Analytics solutions […]

EU Tech Chamber Ranking: Best Business Schools in Europe 2021

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Europe, which houses some of the oldest and the most prestigious universities in the world, is the most well-represented region for business school rankings. However, after the Pandemic and facing unprecedented business disruption, steering business schools into a more profoundly innovative space is a must. But apart from that, what other changes should the business […]

We would like to welcome “Magility” as a new EU Tech Advocate

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Magility is a technology-oriented management consultancy for internationally operating industries. According to its slogan “Let’s do great things together”, its main focus is creating new and promising things together with its customers by jointly developing and implementing new and innovative business models. Magility also help to adapt proven business models to the current challenging environment […]

EU Tech Flash RV Magnetics

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RVmagnetics is a sensor R&D company introducing the future of contactless sensing with their smallest passive sensor in the world. Company customizes its own sensing technology for its clients. “Make sense”, as the slogan states mean not only that RVmagnetics developed its own technology and is the manufacturer of the sensor itself, but also brings […]

The EU Tech Flash Program for Advocates

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Do you want to give visibility to your company? The EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) is offering a Tech Flash Program to existing Advocates highlighting the company’s USPs in a video format. The Tech Flash Program is one of a series of Programs exclusively available for EU Tech Chamber Partners. If you are an EU Tech Chamber Advocate, […]