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sharesuite is a cloudbased project and team management software where you will have many helpful features.

NanoTerra AG designs and produces cement additives for road construction. 

AIMS International delivers a customized consulting approach throughout 9 global practices.

IESE Business School wants to educate leaders to whom they can trust the future of business and society.

Serviceplan Group is the largest and most diversified owner-and-partner-managed agency group in Europe. Check it out.

Instillo Group specializes in the development and exploitation of highly innovative technologies. Its core technology are microreactors.

BioLingus is an award-winning Swiss biotech company spearheading the development of oral and mucosal delivery of peptides and proteins.

Blue Tree Advisors is a Swiss company with an international network which connects start-ups and growth-stage companies with business partners.

StarFish Capital is a boutique investment venture with its mission is to support tech companies during their startup and growth phase.

Hyperganic builds software to design objects that are as complex, functional, elegant and sustainable as Nature.

Basinghall is an European venture fund that invests in early-stage companies with great teams and pioneering technologies.

getINNOtized is about software coding and digital coaching with the goal to generate jobs for digital talents across Pan-Africa.

envivo turns your offer into an experience for your customer that wins more deals faster, easier and measurably.

Deno Gen Biotech Co. Ltd. is a Chinese national high-tech enterprise in R&D, production and sales of diagnostic reagents and testing equipment.

Mary’s Coffee is an organic Iced Coffee brand from Munich, Germany who has now evolved into a line of refreshing and yummy beverages.

Otone European Affairs advises on how to achieve the better solution when setting up regulatory framework conditions. 

Concha Invest, as a family strives to build up companies that even in years to come, will appeal to “the better angels of our nature”.

Cotratech Group is a player in the transformation of its industry with an international, innovative and responsible state.

KABENA Group is a pioneering investment boutique with own investments, together with its long-term business partners.

PolyCare achieves the rapid creation of decent living and usable space through an innovative use of polymer concrete.

JOKARI-Krampe GmbH from Ascheberg, Westphalia, is a specialist for the production and distribution of high-quality precision wire strippers.

Whalebone provides security mainly to Communication Service Providers  who aim to protect users and machines within their network.

SalsUp is the game changer for startups leveraging their market breakthrough in sales and it’s the first matching platform connecting those.

NEBEN CONSULTING offers practical advice and accompaniment to companies to support them in their internationalization processes.

The MittelstandsCampus is an industry 4.0 eco-system incl. a learning center what provides companies all they need to upskill their employees.

LD7 is a team of innovators, leaders and investors working with large organizations in the sector of: finance, energy, automotive and technology.

24 Vision System is a unique system providing a solution for precise and comprehensive quality control using artificial intelligence.

The Gießerei Lößnitz service includes handmade castings, tool casting and full mould casting based on wood or styrofoam models and templates.

Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG is an industry-independent, external sustainability consultancy based in Starnberg, Germany. 

Irisbond creates a natural way of interacting through eye-tracking technology trough  advanced software algorithms.

Go for the 100 is a consulting company specialized on company growth for hidden champions and tech companies.

SmartHead is a company fully committed to advocating sustainability in the business world by transforming businesses from traditional to sustainable ones. 

Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)——the innovative art of thinking for efficient solutions in Engineering.

WITTE Tools is one of the leading German manufacturers of hand tools in the premium segment.                               

With locations in 10 cities, more than 250 employees, and an IT Service Center, CEMA is one of Germany’s leading midsized IT service providers.

T-Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of digital services headquartered in Europe with a footprint in over 30 countries.

SDGx is a global technology venture capital and advisory group focusing on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.