Basinghall is an European venture fund that invests in early-stage companies with great teams and pioneering technologies that enable digital transformation across industries.

Operating from London, Munich, Lisbon and Luxembourg, Basinghall believes that Europe has a unique industrial heritage and a strong innovative potential. Their mission is to support Europe’s competitive advantages by providing capital and valuable support to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Basinghall has expertise in commercialising innovative ideas, structuring valuable investments from early stage to exit, and know from personal experience what it’s like to build a startup.

Basinghall focuses on proven B2B solutions that solve relevant technology and business needs along the value chain. Its business domains include Supply chain management, Product development, Forecasting & predictive analytics, Production, Service and Distribution&Marketing. Its technology domains include Artificial intelligence & Machine learning, Internet of Things, Robotics & 3D printing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Augmented and virtual reality.

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