Concha Invest’s focus revolves around small innovative businesses in several investment sectors. Even though profit maximisation is the obvious goal, ethical values play a large role in all investments. The companies in the portfolio must have a clear added value for the planet or for society. Concha Invest, as a family strives to build up companies that even in years to come, will appeal to “the better angels of our nature”.

Concha Invest do not just see themselves as investors. The term “smart money” means that they bring in their personal expertise and are operationally active. Decades of work ranging from the medical sector to software companies have led to a large network of influential individuals that can help Concha Invest’s portfolio companies.

One of the most important aspects of Concha Invest is the management of the company they are investing in. After all a company is made up of people and those people will shape the product. Concha Invest also believes in the importance of chemistry, shared values and aligned interests. Building up companies is never easy, it has its ups and downs. Concha Invest accepts and understands this and wants to help through those situations. Acting in good faith is extremely important to Concha Invest.