Consisting of a dynamic and cosmopolitan team born of a merger of Africa Consulting, Lybusiness Consulting and SL Green Energy, Cotratech Group is today a player in the transformation of its industry with an international, innovative and responsible state.

The Cotratech Group has been involved, since 2009, in the emergence and growth of a solution that is economical, clean and environmentally conscious: in all areas. With integrated German technology, Contratech Group is a know-how vector “made in Germany”. Its consultants combine aesthetics with efficiency, reliability, safety and high energy efficiency.

Cotratech Group supports numerous international companies in the investigation of African markets and in identifying acquisition targets in Africa. Cotratech Invest has conducted numerous missions throughout the region in about thirty African countries.

A sustainable, effective approach to effective development assistance is to build trade and economic relations between Africa and the EU. African partners want an encounter on an equal footing. The possibilities for mutual success are manifold, the right first steps matter.

In contact with the Contratech Group, you will receive concrete and valuable practical tips on how to successfully establish business relationships in Africa, even without a large investment of your own.