Go for the 100 is a consulting company specialized on company growth for hidden champions and tech companies. It was founded by the leadership advisor, author and speaker Paula Brandt. With a small team of experts, she works as a sparring partner for owners in the field of technology and innovation.

Since the clients of Go for the 100 are usually fast growing and therefore advanced in their organization and leadership, they require strategies which lay the ground for their continued future growth, e.g. to

  • attract the best applicants available on the market
  • increase locality among their existing employees
  • create a high-performance team focused on their clients
  • refine their organization structures to adapt to market changes and thus to lay the base for future growth.

Under the leadership of Paula Brandt, they have developed several hands-on approaches for these topics which allow owners to make a leap on these topics. She takes her knowledge from a 20-years-career within companies such as Microsoft and as owner of a fast growing IT-company.

For more about Go for the 100 and Paula Brandt, please visit:  https://www.go-for-the-100.de and https://www.paula-brandt.de