Integrity, a spirit of service, and professional excellence

Since 1958, IESE has been at the forefront of management education and leadership development. IESE’s mission is to develop leaders who strive to have a deep, positive and lasting impact on people, companies and society. By accompanying men and women on their journeys of lifelong learning, IESE brings a deeper meaning to doing business.

The largest network of associated schools in the world

IESE has contributed to the founding and development of a network of 15 associated business schools. Together, these schools help drive their mission worldwide, reaching more than 300,000 alumni and thousands of companies on these continents.

Alongside HBS from the start

IESE and Harvard Business School have maintained a privileged relationship for more than 50 years. The Harvard-IESE Committee, created in 1963 to help guide IESE’s growth and the design of its programs. Today, the two institutions continue to work hand-in-hand through this Committee and through joint international executive education programs.

Particular emphasis

IESE believes that genuine and sustainable prosperity can only be achieved through a humanistic approach to business. IESE has identified specific areas of impact where they place particular emphasis: Jobs creation, Entrepreneurship, Public leadership, Women in leadership, Africa, Corporate social responsibility, Corporate governance, Sustainable firms. 

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