Irisbond creates a natural way of interacting through eye-tracking technology. Irisbond’s advanced software algorithms, based on artificial intelligence, capture eye movement and translate it into precise actions on a screen. Thanks to this, anyone can access all information naturally, intuitively and without the use of their hands; just by the eye gaze.

Irisbond brings the so-called Touchless Interaction Technology, opening outstanding possibilities to new industrial processes, HCI technology, Neuromarketing, Health Care, and many more, and  shows the world an innovative way to express our emotions and discover new paths. And we can achieve it with a gaze. 

Irisbond has been awarded with the COVID-19 Seal of Excellence certificate delivered by the European Commission (EC) for the project IrisGo. It offers a touch-free, intuitive and accurate control of devices and answers to the limitations of current systems as the only solution in the market that does not need any additional hardware, allowing an intuitive and contact-less interaction with devices.