KABENA is a pioneering investment boutique with own investments, together with its long-term business partners, in multiple asset classes based upon a sophisticated investment strategy. The company creates unique global investment opportunities using the first-mover principle. Its projects cover Renewable Energy; Primary Materials; Direct Lending; Charity and etc. which closely connect with #UNSGDs.

Renewable Energy—Lake Victoria and  Homa Bay Biogas Project:

This first project has dual objectives: to rescue Lake Victoria from its water hyacinths which is choking the lake’s wildlife and spoiling water resources, and to create a unique investment opportunity which is as environmentally friendly as it is economically rewarding.  

Primary Materials—Hogback Helium Project:

The Hogback fields are located in one of the top helium reserves in the world. Current estimates of helium content in the natural gas mix range between 3% and 6% compared to an exploration industry average of 0.5% – 1%. Positive market conditions of helium and its unique properties have constantly driven world demand, whereas supply of helium has been fragile, thereby pushing prices for years to come.

Direct Lending—MEZ Capital:

KABENA has contributed its skills to the shaping of MEZ Capital Basket participation certificate, which offers professional investors a unique investment opportunity in private debt markets.


This project is about raising money through art forms such as photography, paintings, and picture books Currently they are working on a project to help children in need. In cooperation with SOS Children Village (SOS-Kinderdorf) in Windhoek, Namibia, they have created an illustrated book of photographs taken at the SOS village, and bound in a modern style.