The MittelstandsCampus is an industry 4.0 eco-system incl. a learning center what provides companies all they need to upskill their employees. Here you can explore the Industry 4.0 upgrading process in an authentic, glass-factory shop floor. This glass-factory (so-called Home-of-Automation) is a lighthouse project for upgrading and collaboration, and even a marketplace for the leading European Industry 4.0 companies.

At the MittelstandsCampus, you can touch the new world and get to know its advantages and even the challenges. It focusses on robotics, automation, 3-D printing and data science.

It is the perfect drop-in center to explore how SME companies share resources to become more competitive and to get insights of their shop floor experiences.

The great value comes through their three pillars: diploma driven education, certificate driven tech courses and a digital learning platform.

The state-approved MittelstandsAkademie is the pillar to educate people with diploma certificates courses on the long run.

The German Tech Academy is the No.1 in Europe to up-skill people at every age through certificate driven Courses. Focused on hands-on tech courses is it the perfect partner for companies and organizations all around the globe. Even with a physical learning room, the so-called TecLab, what combines hard- and software per German curriculums to up-skill people all around the globe.

Bridge-the Gap is a learning platform as well as digital eco-system what serves their users with customized learning paths to become that well-skilled persona they need to be in the future. This great tool already has a community of over 10.000 satisfied Industry 4.0 students.

This content driven platform combines the typical German success of theory and practice and is a milestone for the new live-long learning trend.

Employees and employers can find in that digital world their individual answers to create the talents they need for the sake of their companies.

The MittelstandsCampus creates new digital companies by merging the ideas and experiences of the Mittelstand and new technologies, peppered with the operative power of young talents (but also with more experienced talents who now want to put their enthusiasm into something new).