NEBEN CONSULTING offers practical advice and accompaniment to companies to support them in their internationalization processes, taking part and being involved in their projects.

The term NEBEN means “next to” in German and this is the core of Neben consulting: work next to companies.

Founded in 2018, NEBEN CONSULTING is based on the experience of Conchi Aranguren Laflin, who has worked for 25+ years in the Spanish machine tool sector, focused in internationalization, marketing and sales areas and Carlota De Font Degives, who brings her professional career, over almost 25 years, in the commercial and marketing areas of the medical, agri-food and industrial sector and Ander Caballero, who contributes a vast global network and 15+ years of international experience in management, business development, business diplomacy and public affairs.


NEBEN CONSULTING main activity lines and services:

  • Advice & Accompaniment: Internationalization strategies & plans, Opportunities’ & Partners’ search and identification, Export department organization and support

  • Establishment & Expansion abroad: advice and orientation, agents’ coordiantions.

  • International Media: Representative of Gardner Business Media in Spain&Portugal

  • Exhibitions: Representing the industrial exhibitions of BEC-Bilbao Exhibition Centre- BIEMH,INDUSTRY TOOLS by Ferroforma, ADDIT3D, BE-DIGITAL, EGURTEK, SUBCONTRACTING in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and MEXIMOLD, AMERIMOLD, FITMA organized by Gardner Business Media.