PolyCare was founded in 2010 in Gehlberg / Thuringia. The purpose of the company is the research and development in the field of polymer concrete with the aim of producing affordable, comfortable and safe (emergency) accommodation by means of pluggable polymer concrete elements.

PolyCare achieves the rapid creation of decent living and usable space through an innovative use of polymer concrete. Compared to cement concrete, polymer concrete has outstanding physical properties and the additional advantage that it hardens within a few hours. The recipe developed by PolyCare is based on inexpensive polyester resin, requires significantly less resin than conventional polymer concrete and at the same time allows the use of inexpensive filling material such as desert sand . Another advantage is that around four cubic meters of building material can be created from one cubic meter of polymer concrete. Very high flexural and compressive strengths allow the end products to be dimensioned with thin walls.

The PolyCare concept is suitable for industrial mass production. The production quantity depends primarily on the number of dosing and mixing units. A dosing and mixing unit produces an average of 30 kg of polymer concrete per minute, which means that around 400 houses (60 m² living space) or around 50 schools can be produced per year in a two-shift system. With a one-time investment of 1.65 million € for the required factory equipment (including moulds, organisation costs and material for the first houses) and a depreciation period of 15 years, the costs for the factory per built house amount to only 275 €.