SDGx is a global technology venture capital and advisory group focusing on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Headquartered in Singapore and with offices in Sydney, Bangkok, and Berlin, SDGx offers a full-service ecosystem that includes business intelligence, deal flow scouting, venture acceleration, research, and innovative investment for all sectors – private, public, and civic. SDGx is building a new partnership architecture to reimagine and rejuvenate UN SDG achievement through a forward-looking partnership, investment, technology, and governance framework.

SDGx is launching a global climate technology VC fund. It will initially make ten US $100k investments in proven emerging technology companies reducing carbon emissions across the intersections of energy, mobility, and production. SDGx aims to have over US $1bn invested in climate technologies from the EU, Australia, and SE Asia within 10 years.

SDGx has also launched a partnership with Nanyang Technology University (NTU) in Singapore offering market entry, sustainability consulting and SDG aligned business developments services to companies from Europe, South-East Asia and Australia.

The SDGx Near Future Lab is a global multidisciplinary research network, in partnership with nobel laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus, designed to explore the impact of technology on society through publications, academic and student exchange, and development of education programs.