Your guide for success: swiftly + smart + structured = sharesuite!

sharesuite GmbH is an international software company that was founded in Hanover in 2009. It offers a comprehensive solution for project and team-related work. 

The software with the same name as the company “sharesuite” offers a cloudbased management system for data, tasks and projects. It is a reliable platform for the management of various projects. sharesuite is an independent solution for any kind of  business. It offers wide-ranging solutions for task and project management, for team and collaboration tasks, acquisition and marketing tools as well as email and document filing. 

sharesuite is accessed via several servers in professionally maintained data centers in Germany. Their high-performance computers ensure fast loading of relevant project informations and websites.

Our professional team of specialists constantly monitors the entire sharesuite environment, including the hardware and software. The software regularly checks and creates backups and applies constant security updates. The sharesuite servers have a first-class internet connection as well as an almost endless storage capacity and an emergency power supply. This multi-level security system ensures that sharesuite is designed for maximum performance and security in order to avoid attacks by possible third parties. The product covers all protection requirements of cloudbased software and thus guarantees reliable project management with the best possible performance plus data security!

With the cloudbased project and team management software you will have many helpful features. The dedicated drive will guarantee and provide a reliable data synchronisation.

sharesuite works for everyone who wants to successfully and efficiently implement projects with their teams.