SmartHead is a company fully committed to advocating sustainability in the business world by transforming businesses from traditional to sustainable ones. Every single company has potential to become more sustainable, and SmartHead is here to provide you with the online tools required to make your company’s sustainable journey easier.


They offer you an effective online solution “company’s Sustainability Profile“ for optimizing your sustainability performance through effective measuring, reporting and communicating transparently sustainability results. Thanks to transparent communication, company‘s stakeholders can make smarter decisions about who they want to work for, buy from, cooperate with and invest in.


Yes, being sustainable pays off. Besides from saving costs, it manifests itself in brand reputation, loyalty and trust of customers, employees, business partners and investors. SmartHead builds a community of smart leaders. As good examples you can find Sustainability profiles of multinational companies such as Dell Technologies, EY, McDonald’s, Kaufland, Citi, IBM, BMW, Tesco, Oriflame, HB Reavis, Wealth Effect Management, Dedoles, Curaprox with their activities and vision towards corporate sustainability.


How can your company effectively work with your Sustainability profile? Add a link of your company’s Sustainability profile in the job ads when you are looking for new team members. Navigate your customers to your Sustainability profile by adding a SmartHead QR code on your products or catalogues. Are you looking for new strategic or business partners? Send them a link to your Sustainability profile to increase your credibility and reliability as a partner, and more.


Let SmartHead help you be at the forefront of this great revolution and transition durably.


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