StarFish Capital, located in Munich, Germany, is a boutique investment venture with its mission is to support tech companies during their startup and growth phase. StarFish Capital is an active investor, and often takes a board or managing director role. The following are things they do for their portfolio companies.

  • Seed Investments: Support their companies with capital during the seed phase.
  • Growth Management: Growing revenue and profits is a core objective of all their companies.
  • HR & Recruiting: They help their companies to find the best talents on the market.
  • Marketing & Sales: The deciding factor to success is an effective way to run marketing and sales.
  • Product Management: The right product for the right customers at the right time. StarFish Capital can help.
  • Agile Development:  StarFish Capital loves tech, and can deliver state of the art technology as fast as possible.

StarFish Capital’s recent projects include: Aircloak, privacy-preserving analytics solution uses patented and proven data anonymization that provides GDPR-compliant and high-fidelity insights; Chicago Booths Angels, smart angel money from a global network of Chicago Booth alumni and friends.

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