Adriana Dergam

Board Member

Latin American Chapter

Adriana Dergam is an exponent of the transformative power of #technology, and an ardent champion of social impact. Adriana has worked in #telecommunications for the last five years, leading the charge for #sustainability across all corporate operations and functions. Now she is focused on cybersecurity, searching business opportunities in Latin America for Whalebone – a tech company that provides security and protection by filtering online threats off internet networks.

Adriana has been a role model for encouraging companies to embrace #SDGs and climate action. Not content with this, she is a driver for #innovation, both for business start-ups and social entrepreneurship, and has taken a key role in scaling numerous successful projects to the international level.

Since 2017, Adriana has been the Honorary Consul of #Uruguay, and is a member of the Council to the Czech Government for Human Rights. As a member of the EUTEC Latin American Chapter, Adriana will be introducing EUTEC members to the Latin America milieu and promoting EUTEC in Central Europe.