Janet Markus

Chair of Mobility Council

It is our great pleasure to introduce you all our Chair of Mobility Council—Janet Markus.


Janet is a female entrepreneur, thought leader, and innovation advisor. She has been active in the automotive industry for more than 20 years. She pursued the expansion of new markets and transformation of the mobility business in various international leadership roles.


During recent years, Janet has particularly been responsible as Senior Director Strategy for the development and implementation of change projects especially in the areas of autonomous driving, urban mobility and digital business.


Since co-founding LD7, she has become focused on change and digitalization, inspiring clients to empower a transformational process, delivering new business solutions, and creating sustained success by enabling collaborations.


Janet thinks that technology is changing urban mobility – with the general trend towards car-free cities, walking and bikes. Urbanization is a vital source of future business solutions, but fundamentally new strategies must be developed for creating the places where people live, work, and the mobility systems that connect them, in order to meet the profound challenges of the future.


As Chair of the Mobility Council in the EUTEC Chamber, Janet will invest her valuable know-how in creating lasting networks and strategic partnerships with stakeholders for developing a shared vision for the sustainable development of mobility and the city. She’ll be helping to bridge the gap between technologies, companies, administrations, entrepreneurs, research institutions and people to foster the dialog to co-create urban solutions for the world we live in and to utilize technology for the greater good.