Maria Jose Perea Marquez

Chair of Digitalization Council

EUTEC Chamber is thrilled to announce the appointment of Maria Jose Perea Marquez as Chair of the Digitalization Council.

As an immigrant in the real world, Maria Jose took this virtue online and describes herself as a digital immigrant: continuously learning a new digital business language, mastering and enriching it with her own extraordinary contributions.

Her precise mind and her creativity have surprised the community in disruptive innovation and transformation challenges more than once during a period comprising more than 20 years of experience. Often being ahead of her time, she is used to redrawing boundaries to escape a status quo that is comfortable but not sufficiently sustainable and purposeful.

With her track record in various change and innovation management roles within the financial services and energy sector as well as in technology and IT, she covers multidisciplinary capabilities suitable for reinventing business models and defining new (digital) eras.

As an executive partner of LD7, Maria Jose designs innovative solutions in various appliances and ventures. Just to name a few examples: Maria Jose has played an important part in designing several information-based business models for data centers, energy service companies, digital city services as well as pay for outcome industry applications.

As Chair of the Digitalization Council in the EUTEC Chamber, Maria Jose is our first choice digitally literate leader to enact a visionary think-tank for new business models. We are excited to hear about her inspiring ideas and visions in the near future.