NanoTerra AG has been developing and producing innovative liquid cement additives that have been improving road construction over the past 10 years. These additives are used in combination with cement for base layers, soil stabilization, and surface layers in road construction.

NanoTerra AG’s latest generation product is a highly concentrated liquid product, based on a combination of different polymers and nano-scaled, amorphous reactive SiO2. These ingredients support the chemical process of cement hydration during the hardening phase, and improve the quality and lifetime of roads substantially, by increasing the elasticity, fatigue strength, load capacity, durability, thermal resilience and frost resistance, leading to significantly less shrinking and cracking in the stabilized layer over the entire service life.

Their cement additives can be used for all types of existing soil and recycling aggregates, even if they contain bitumen, organic components and pollutants, thus reducing disposal and material costs. This results in high potential savings in terms of disposal and transportation costs.

NanoTerra has successfully defined the future of road construction by simplifying the road structure and lessening the layer thickness without sacrificing quality, thus saving substantial material costs and construction time.