LivingPackets develops the packaging of the future for the global e-commerce market and is changing the way you receive and return packages. It’s an e-commerce game-changer, Imaginative re-inventor, and passionate futurist.

The team aims to decrease our impact on the environment and to offer a new and improved delivery experience for e-commerce companies and consumers. It builds a truly circular economy, as a single BOX can replace hundreds of cardboard boxes.

With LivingPackets, almost all packaging waste is eliminated thanks to its automatic holding mechanism, electromagnetic locking system, and a large E Ink display. And, with integrated sensors, you know at all times where your shipment is and in what condition it is in. You have full remote control of each delivery. Each BOX is made of extremely durable material. They are infinitely recyclable and can last several hundred trips before they need reconditioning.

And thanks to the built-in GPS and its opening detection system THE BOX can also help to prevent theft. No one can open the BOX without you being notified by a message on your mobile phone.

With all its advanced techniques, it is making your shipping experience more comfortable and hassle-free. You can learn more about LivingPackets in the following video.