Yourscience BC

Yourscience BC is a leading British Hi-tech company specialized in space-related R&D, advisory and training. Their mission is to empower innovation in companies, research, territories and public bodies through an innovative approach.

They support companies in filling their technological gap, collecting a panel of technologies at the “level of readiness”‚Äč required through their tech transfer services. They also support public institutions by fostering innovation policies, defining strategy, providing support in finding the most suitable funding framework and, most importantly, recruiting the companies appropriate for the goals of the strategy. Besides, they invest in their tech portfolio, by acquiring technologies or by leading R&D projects on proprietary technologies, through their R&D unit.

Funded by the UK Space Agency, they are working on a cancer drug testing project in microgravity, studying and defining the proliferation models of cells in microgravity as well as developing new formulations of anticancer nano-vectors.

They created the very first training path on space applications, teaching to non-space companies how to immediately do business with Space, and patented two proprietary technologies, for visual holographic cryptography and for telemedicine. With a qualified service of technology assessment via two patented tools, they help big companies, tech-funds and all of those who invest in technologies.

Strongly supported by their partners such as the University of Cambridge, the York University of Toronto, the ULB of Brussels, the Politecnico di Milano, the British Space Agency, the German Space Agency, the European Space Agency and the like, Yourscience BC unveils the best for you to discover.