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EUTECH Testimonials

Jorg Tuchen
Jörg Tuchen Managing Director Go.Blue.Now | Chair of Climate Action Commission, EU Tech Chamber

“5 key information about climate change in less 20 words: 1. It is real. 2. We are the cause. 3. It is dangerous. 4. The experts agree. 5. We can still do something. Act Now Together With the EU Tech Chamber.”

Bernd Mattner Founder of Mattner Engineers & Advisers | Chair of Mobility Council of EU Tech Chamber

"Shaping our human-centric future mobility will require a high amount of expertise, foresight and courage. The EU Tech Chamber offers the neutral platform for discussing the design options from different perspectives and initiating the implementation."

Henning vom Stein
Henning vom Stein Founder of Otone Public Affairs | Board Member of EU Tech Chamber Policy Commission

"In dynamic times decision making is essential part of the innovation process. Only a creative dialogue, one like the EU Tech Chamber is fostering, can provide a better and quicker orientation."

Mike Köppe Mindbank AI

“The China Alliance of the EU Tech Chamber focuses on tech development and trade between the EU and China. With this mission, it offers many opportunities for everyone from getting informed, starting to network and getting ready for business. What impressed me the most is the high expert and experience level of its members and the hands-on support of the EU Tech Chamber team. All this makes it easier to get engaged in the complex environment between the EU and China. As a marketing agency, we are happy to support especially Chinese companies to make their first steps in a diverse Europe successfully."

Leena Pishe Thomas Director Global Business Inroads India

“The EU Tech Chamber's Africa Chapter has been instrumental in accelerating GBI's networking in the African region by connecting GBI to relevant stakeholders working towards technology and innovation access for digital and sustainability and the development of SMEs in Africa. GBI's current activities to facilitate partnerships and collaborations between digital and green technology companies in Africa - India - EU regions has greatly benefited from the events, webinars and working group meetings organised by the EU Tech Chamber. ”

Anne-Marie Dejonghe Freelance Journalist (Belgium)

EUTEC is impressive with all his excellent dialogue possibilities. Especially the work of the African Chamber and meetings have broaden my Network. But even more important I feel the spirit of willingness for exchange and cooperation in respect and tolerance between the members and advocates


EUTECH Success Stories

"A successful and sustainable transformation needs the right mix of talent and technology. And a door opener, like the EU Tech Chamber."

Norman Weiss Founder of MittlestandsCampus | Board Member of EU Tech Chamber
Norman Weiss Photo 1 1

“EUTECH´s China Alliance has been a great opportunity for us to connect with other companies in who are already doing business in China or are hoping to do so. With ongoing travel restrictions, this has been an invaluable opportunity for networking, business and professional development..”

Theresa Stewart Director China Storymaker GmbH
Theresa Stewart 1536x1024 1

“We had a great, successful and enjoyable "Senegal Forum & Trade Fair 2021" hosted by EUTECH. The online conference platform with our virtual booth was an innovative way to present our company and carry out good and interesting talks with potential customers and partners.”

Nicolas Rohrer Managing Director Asantys Systems (Germany)

“EU Tech Chamber with its Africa Chapter has increased the visibility of our company EuroAfri Link online and face to face, and personally it has expanded my network immensely. So Thank You!”

Patience Chindong CEO & Founder EuroAfri Link

“The key of our journey with EuTech is to build a program based on trust and relationship-building, authenticity, and to effect a real change in how technology and business serve mankind and sustainable growth through an ever-expanding global reach. Thanks to this advocacy program ESGeo - Sustainability intelligence platform - has the chance to connect with International markets and have a direct and constructive confrontation with leading figures in the field of ESG, SDGs and sustainability at 360°.”

Fabrizio Fiocchi CEO ESGeo

"We are just at the beginning of our journey with the EUTEC Chamber, but so far it has met and exceeded our expectations. It has increased our outreach outside of Sweden. We have been able to expand our business network and meet new customers and suppliers through the digital EUTEC events. We have also had chances to meet experts sharing important market insights that is helping our business to grow."

Ulf Seijmer Chief Innovation Officer, Induo
Ulf 1 2048x1914 1

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