We believe that technology obliges to spread technology and European values. Therefore one of our three goals is to build bridges to emerging markets.

We empower our members to enter and succeed in those markets – the DNA of this EUTEC goal.

Through the EUTEC Chamber, our tech partners can embark on the Journey to Markets, and become successful where their technologies can have the greatest impact and are most needed!

Latin America - Africa - Middle East - Western & Central Asia - South Asia - Greater China - Southeast Asia

EUTEC chapters around the world with local representative offices

Journey to Markets

Experiencing the Market

Join other EUTEC members to enter new markets. Study and learn about the challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Business Preparation

Create a realistic feasibility study & business plan. Prepare the first opportunities for a successful and independent business.

EU Tech Chamber Academy Commission
Safe Landing - European Technology Valley

Safe landing in an EUTEC Incubator: meet new business partners in our Innovation Center and start the production in our Start-Up Factory.