GLASST leaves a positive footprint on the environment, to give the earth a second chance!

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Innovation and technological progress are key to discovering lasting solutions to economic and environmental challenges, such as increasing energy and resource efficiency.

They design solutions that do more with less from renewable sources, following circular economy guidelines or “cradle to cradle”, products and processes that contribute to industry decarbonization, Glasst wants to replace or reduce significantly the use of non-renewable plastic, improving environmental footprint and impacts.

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Alexander Hernandez Muñoz, Head R&D Department, Glasst Innovation Company, mentioned SDGs focused projects of Glasst while sharing his insights with Visions for Europe Magazine, “innovation and technological progress are key to discovering lasting solutions to economic and environmental challenges, such as increasing energy and resource efficiency.

GLASST has found through its R&D team environmental solutions that mitigate major environmental impacts such as the use of single-use plastics in construction and the use of harmful irritants such as diesel through materials technology.”

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One of the targets for SDG 9 is Glasst’s higher purpose of innovating in traditional industries and markets by thinking outside the box, generating sustainable solutions, developing technologies that accelerate the creation of materials efficiently.

Glasst has also faced difficult challenges in the implementation of new sustainable technology.

The biggest challenge Glasst faced was related with the resistance to change and the general tendency to make decisions based solely on price, almost every end user or client declare their interest and compromise to be more sustainable, but this compromise implies additional efforts, alliances, strategies, to effectively close the loop of the materials.

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The company’s business model is based on decentralized production and collaborative economy as strong drivers of sustainability; reducing developments’ carbon footprint, allowing them to maintain and improve living standards, and preventing the destruction of their inhabitable environment.

The global scaling plans of the company are focused on the development of local capacities with strategic locations that make Glasst to be rational with the impacts associated with transportation, with flexible production models protected by black box formulas.

The company aims to leave a positive footprint by protecting both people and planet in a cost-effective way.


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