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Visions for Europe Magazine

Quarterly carbon-free publication from EUTECH. We provide Europe's Tech Experts with a platform every quarter. The technology is used by V4E to link the ideas of leading thinkers in several tech-related domains. Covering sections on EU & International Markets, Competitiveness, Sustainability, and Activities, these insights from top technologists, decision-makers, and policymakers are invaluable for advancing the global economy via the digital revolution. There are free online versions of the magazine in both English and German. Our European supporters receive the printed editions once every three months.

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EUTECH Podcasts

EUTECH is determined to get its message across which has led us to start a series of podcasts. The EUTECH Podcast hosts industry experts and thought leaders, revealing how sustainable technology can transform the visions for Europe and the world at large.

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EUTECH annual White Paper serves as a resource to share information, encourage dialogue and cooperation, and add value for our supporters and the larger EUTECH community.

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The Position Paper aims to help the industry adopt the 10 Key Recommendations listed in the White Paper by the same Alliance. EUTECH understands there is a need for a course of action for overall growth, sustainability and competitiveness of European technology enterprises.



You can find all EUTECH Promotional Material along with the logo and guidelines.

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Find out what our advocates are up to and how they are changing the world with their innovative technologies.

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