One of our three goals is to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

We firmly believe that technology is the only way to reach those targets and that with great technology comes great responsibility. The EU TECH Chamber helps to apply technologies for the benefit of humanity to achieve the SDGs – the DNA of this goal

Together with the EU TECH Chamber, our tech partners embark on the Journey to SDGs, at home in Europe, but also where they have the greatest impact and are most needed: The developing countries!

Journey to SDGs

MustardSeed CSR Projects

Enabling our allies to initiate CSR projects in their own companies and to discover the ways how their own technologies can help to reach the SDGs.

MustardSeed Cooperation Programs

Working together to build value chains to tackle the SDGs. Partner up with the Catholic Church, the BMZ and others or join our EUTEC SDG matching platform!

circular economy EU Tech Council
MustardSeed Light House Projects

Building an active community in an emerging market to have a lasting impact. Truly reach the SDGs by regional development and enabling the locals.