UNSDG Goal 3

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The latest message by UN Secretary-General António Guterres urged the world’s largest economies to spearhead a global #COVID-19 vaccination plan, expand debt relief to developing countries battered by the pandemic, and step up funding for climate action. Many countries are still hoping to reach large numbers of unvaccinated people. #UNSDG Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being Source: […]

13 July – European Senate – Topic: “Post Corona – What`s Next For European Companies?”

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The global pandemic has changed many perspectives and thus also behaviors. But what exactly are they and how sustainable will they be? Companies had to react to the challenges over a one-and-a-half-year period. Now they can finally prepare for a time after Corona. In this panel, we will discuss with excellence experts which approaches are […]

25 May – European Senate – Topic: “New Leadership In Europe – What Is Needed In The Future?

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The secret of good leadership is very complex. There are many things that enable a company to be more profitable. There are other things that lead to technological progress and innovation. But there are also leadership strategies that help to value employees and motivate them. The real specialists manage to turn employees into proactive co-entrepreneurs […]

27 April – European Senate & EU Tech Chamber – Topic: For The Greater Good – Mustard Seed-IHD Foundation With The Vatican

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Nowadays there is a lot of discussion about what it is really crucial in life. The topics in the business world are about economy, technology, science or politics. Only few talk about philanthropy, justice or human rights in this context. Is that because philanthropy cannot be harmonized with the other topics? If so, what can […]